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Hikingpac's roppcap is a lined aluminum cap for aluminum and glass bottles. Hikingpac has been providing beverage customers with aluminum caps with superior application technology.

Hikingpac is able to provide suitable liners for any caps to meet the needs of different filling and pasteurization conditions.

The top and side seal design of Hikingpac's  38mm、28mm cap ensures reliable sealing of carbonated beverages, including beer/malt and non-carbonated beverages. Fully enclosed and capped system solutions.

Product Name:38x18 mm、28x18、28x15.5  Roll on pilfer proof cap with liner.
External Diameteer:38x18 mm、28x18、28x15.5
Bottle Finish:ROPP
Liner: TPE/EPE
Decoration: Top: lithographic printing / embossing / UV printing / hot foil / silk screen

Aluminum screw cap (ROPP) with EPE liner. The closure can be customized one or multi-color printing, UV printing, top embossing or side shaving, or fitted by plastic pourer.Suitable for water, beer, wine, soft drinks and energy drinks.

Supplies are 30 minutes at 121°C (250°F) in a gravity displacement sterilizer or 4 minutes at 132°C (270°F) in a prevacuum sterilizer 

Our products can protect the freshness of beverages without changing the taste, and are suitable for long-distance transportation, allowing consumers to enjoy at ease and creating greater value for customers

Our team has 15 years experience in this industry, and our products were exported to more than 30 countries in the world. The misson of our team is to be a professional solution provider with a systematically resources and related know-how which comes from our long-term practice.